Get yourself a Beautiful Life

Homesick Hank's fourth album 'Beautiful Life' is released.

The album was recorded in an old farm house in Sweden and in a couple of studios in Copenhagen, Denmark, by Anders Blomqvist before it was mixed by Mark Nevers, Beech House Recording and mastered by Jim DeMain, YES Master Studios in Nashville, TN.

On the album the band was joined by Jesper "Hr." Andersen, Jacob Vogel, Camilla Munck, Solrun Stig, Iris Marie Jakobsen, Frederik Thybo, Gertrud Møgelgaard Dühring, Maj Holtegaard, Ida Hedegaard, Martin Corneliussen, Peter Lysén Føhns, Michael Stern and Mary Gauthier.

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Check out the new single “Farewell”

Second single from Homesick Hanks coming album “Beautiful Life” is now available from your favorite music pusher.

Get the single “Farewell” here

On “Farewell” Homesick Hank is joined by the good folks Camilla Munck on vocals, Jesper "Hr." Andersen on accordion and Jacob Vogel on lead guitar.

Homesick Hanks fourth album “Beautiful Life” is out the 6th of November.

The new 7"

Nordic Music Society has made a new 7" which has just arrived. The little piece of vinyl has the song 'Believe' from the coming album 'Beautiful Life' on the A-side.

Homesick Hank is joined by singer Mary Gauthier, Jesper Andersen (piano), Jacob Vogel (guitars) and Iris Marie Jakobsen (violin) on 'Believe'.

On side B of the 7" the title song from Homesick Hank's second album 'Leave it Behind' (2006) is groovin' with Bonnie Prince Billy singing along. 

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Beautiful Life

Isn't it? And it is also the title on the new Homesick Hank album to be released in the fall 2015. First single 'Believe' is out 28th of August.

'Beautiful Life' is produced by Anders Blomqvist, mixed ny Mark Nevers and mastered by Jim DeMain. Features guest performances from Camilla Munck, Mary Gauthier, Solrun Stig, Frederik Thybo, Iris Marie Jakobsen, Læderhalsene and Michael Stern.


Homesick Hank was formed in 2002 by Ulrik Corlin (drums), Anders Blomqvist (bass), Jacob Vogel (guitars) and Kudre Haan (vocals and guitars).

Debut album 'Hey' was released in 2004 by Noiz Music. It was produced by Jesper Tullin and Jesper Andersen (both ex-Wynona) and they played on the album as well (guitars and organ/accordion). They were included in the band during the making of 'Hey'.

In 2006 second album 'Leave It Behind' was released on Playground Music. It was recorded at Rove Studio, Kentucky, by Paul Oldham. Featured guest stars Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Catherine Irwin (Freakwater).

Ghosts was out in 2009, released on Slow Shark Records. Guest performances from Solrun Stig, Peet Morrison and Frederik Thybo.

Fall 2015 the fourth album - 'Beautiful Life' - is out! Produced by Anders Blomqvist, mixed by Mark Nevers and mastered by Jim DeMain. Guest performances from Mary Gauthier, Camilla Munck, Solrun Stig, Læderhalsene, Frederik Thybo, Michael Stern and Iris Marie Jakobsen.